Construct PRO – is a sandbox-designer, where you can assemble any structure using metal parts, bolts, and nuts and test its physical behavior.

Currently the game has the following features:

  • ·         assembly of a model using 29 parts

  • ·         saving the model in a simple text file and further uploading the model from there

  • ·         enabling the gravity to check physical behavior of the assembled structure

  • ·         changing the bolt properties (whether they are screwed on tightly or not) both in assembly of the model and with enabled gravity

  • ·         removal of bolts/parts both at assembly of the model and with enabled gravity

  • ·         application of a special Boltogun, capable to destroy any model

  • ·         use of electric motor for rotating the part  attached to it

  • ·         test prototype with possibility to complete the game with it: you should assemble a model capable to overcome all obstacles and reach the finish line

  • ·         bugs (well, after all, it's an early access stage)

  • Twitter - черный круг
  • YouTube
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